COVID-19 Safety

As healthcare professionals, we’ve always prioritized infection control at Sydney Family Dental.

Even before the pandemic began, our continuing education requirements ensured that every member of our team regularly participated in extensive training on the “universal precautions” for infection control. And many of those long-established practices in our infection control guildelines are the exact same strategies public health has been encouraging other businesses to adopt to prevent the spread of Covid-19. That’s why we feel confident and safe while working so intimately with our patients during the pandemic – we’ve been doing this stuff for years! But when you visit the clinic, you’ll notice a few new practices too.

With guidance from the Provincial Dental Board of Nova Scotia and the College of Dental Hygienists of Nova Scotia, our regulatory bodies, this is what we’ve been doing to keep our patients, our team, and our community safe:

  • COVID screening for patients before the appointment and upon arrival
  • Daily COVID screening for all team members
  • Closed waiting room, reduced capacity to limit patient-to-patient interaction
  • Regular disinfection of common areas throughout the clinic
  • All surfaces and objects in the operatories are disinfected diligently between patients
  • Aerosol generating procedures are kept to a minimum where appropriate.
  • Appropriate PPE, changed between patients. For aerosol generating procedures this includes: medical scrubs, fluid-resistant gowns, gloves, medical masks, and face shields
  • Medical grade HEPA air filtration machine on site